Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Cleaning Your Sex Toys

After using your adult toys, you ought to take some time to clean them to prevent germs from multiplying. The last thing you want is to visit the hospital because of an infection from a dirty dildo. Imagine how difficult it would be to explain to your relatives and friends what the cause of your infection is.

Here is a guide on how you should care for your sex toys:

Waterproof and non-waterproof sex toys
Taking care of ladies toys, especially vibrators and dildos, is quite easy. If you buy a waterproof toy, the better for you, as you can simply wash it using warm water. After giving it a thorough cleansing in warm soapy water, wipe it over with antibacterial wipes. Finish by storing it in a clean and germ-free area.

In case your Sex Toys at Jou jou are not waterproof you still have to clean it too. Use a tissue to wipe off the parts where your vaginal discharge, jelly or lubricant may collect on the toy. You might require several tissues to clean your toy. Next, you may use a damp cloth to wipe. Ensure that the cloth is not very damp or dripping wet, as it may damage the adult toy.

Complex sex toys
For adult toys with movable parts, first disconnect all the parts. Next, follow the steps above depending on whether it is waterproof or not. Remember to clean each part separately so that you do not miss cleaning any of the parts.

Storing your adult toy
After cleaning your Joujou Vibrators, ensure that they are completely dry. If you leave it wet or even slightly with little moisture, you risk multiplication of bacteria. This is because water provides a perfect breeding condition for bacteria.

After drying it, you can either store them in a plastic bag or in a box. Doing this prevents cross- contamination and dust settling on your toy. An air tight container is a perfect place for storing your sex toys.

Sex toys are meant to give pleasure and not pain. Remember that adult toys get into the most intimate parts of your body. Thus, regular cleaning and proper storage for your adult toy is crucial in ensuring you do not get unnecessary infections.

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